Our Vision

In Koukakis Farm we produce responsibly and with care, for several years now, top quality, delicious products.

Our vision:

  • Adherence to tradition
  • Sensitivity for the next generation
  • Care for the Greek environment we inhabit

Most importantly, the vision of our insistence on high quality products, in order to enrich the Greek dinner table with healthy products every day.

Today, more than ever we need to assure you that Koukakis Farm milk:

  • Is completely fresh, directly from nature
  • Is 100% Greek, by Greek native animals fed with our crops
  • Is produced without using any method that reduces its authenticity or any feature which would make it 'cheaper' – of lower quality
  • Is collected, pasteurized and packed every day, in order to maintain all of its nutrients

You may always be assured of Koukakis Farm top quality products.